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Here's how it works...

Free Professional Photography

We'll start by hiring a local photographer to take high-quality photos of your available dogs. The goal is to help create buzz by updating your website and social media with fresh pictures. We'll promote your shelter on our channels, too!

Discounted Food for Adopters and Fosters

After delivering your photos, we'll work with you to offer Kibbies (our dog food) to your adopters and fosters with special discounts! We can help you put this offer on your website, email out to past adopters, and make available to future adopters. Whatever you're most comfortable with - we don't want this to feel pushy - but we're proud of the quality of our food and want to make it as accessible as possible to those that choose to adopt and foster.

Ongoing Monetary Donations to Your Shelter

We'll make additional donations to your organization on behalf of any of your adopters/fosters that buy Kibbies!

Bulk Food Donations to Your Shelter

Bulk food donations are part of our mission, too! This program will not be immediately available to all shelters, but we plan to make bulk donations to those with the biggest need for our high-quality, natural, all-stages of life dog food.

It's completely free to apply with potential for lots of annual benefits.

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About The Dog Company

Kibbies are made by The Dog Company - a new Public Benefit Corporation serving dogs and their owners by creating honest, quality food. While we are a "for-profit" entity, we are a mission-driven organization that holds our commitment to support dogs, dog owners, and adoption organizations as seriously as traditional business goals.

About Kibbies

Top three ingredients:

  • Real Salmon
  • Real Trout
  • Real Sweet Potato

Plus, lots of real vegetables, fruits, and other natural ingredients to create a balanced diet for your pup! Kibbies are organic, preservative free, and AAFCO approved for all breeds and all stages of life - puppy, adult, and senior.

Interested or want to learn more?

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We exist to provide a quality and affordable alternative to the confusing world of really cheap or really expensive dog food.