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Kibbies is uniquely formulated with a wide range of whole ingredients, made and delivered as fresh as possible.

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Whole Ingredients

Kibbies is one of few dry dog foods that uses real, whole ingredients instead of pre-processed powders and "dry mixes".

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Diverse Nutrients

Our unique use of a wide variety of proteins, fruits and vegetables provides diverse nutrient sources for your dog daily.

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Made Fresh

We make and deliver it to you as fresh as we can. Dogs tend to prefer our fresh whole-food blend over stale commercial foods.

  Whole Proteins  

 Whole Fish 

 Whole Chicken 

 Beef Liver 

 Whole Eggs 

46.3% of our ingredient mix is a blend of whole animal proteins.

Dogs can seem pretty happy eating the same thing every day. And, while it is tempting to think that "protein is protein", different protein sources have different nutritional profiles.

Specifically, they have different levels and types of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. So why feed just one protein type every day when you could have a healthy mix? Not to mention dogs usually find the blend to be very, very tasty :).

Carp, the fish in Kibbies and the largest portion of our protein mix, is a sustainable and wild-caught species rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids with a lower mercury profile than many ocean-caught fish.

  Whole Fruits & Veggies  



 Green Peas 




24.0% of our ingredient mix is a blend of whole fruits and vegetables.

We are proud to, once again, not use powdered fruits and vegetables like most other dry dog foods.

That means that in every bite of Kibbies, your dog is getting a bit of each of these real, whole, and diverse nutrients.

In addition to their dietary fiber, which is great for digestion support, lentils provide an extra boost of (plant-based) protein.

  Whole Complex Carbs & Fibers  


 Sweet Potato 


 Brown Rice 

21.5% of our ingredient mix is a blend of whole grains, complex carbs and fibers.

Maybe you've caught on by now, but it's worth repeating... nutrient diversity matters!

That's why we include a range of whole carb and fiber sources instead of just one or two.

For instance, oats are rich in fiber and have a calming effect on the digestive system; sweet potatoes are high in vitamins A and C; barley offers fiber and essential vitamins; and brown rice is a good source of B vitamins and magnesium. This diversity ensures a broader spectrum of nutrients in the dog's diet.

Plus, certain dogs may digest certain fibers differently and different fibers and carbs release their energy at different paces.

We believe a healthy variety fed daily is the best choice for most dogs.

  Natural Boosters for Dogs  



 Beetroot Powder 

 Brewer's Yeast 


 Vitamin E (Mixed Tocopherols) 

 Bone Meal + Magnesium 

8.2% of our ingredient mix is a blend of natural boosters for dogs.

These components provide healthy oils, fats, and digestive support.

The Vitamin E (Mixed Tocopherols) is a natural extraction that serves as a more natural preservative. This helps keep Kibbies fresh during shipping and while stored at your home without the need to use any synthetic spray coatings (another common component of commercial dog food).

And while our goal is to provide 100% of nutrients through our whole ingredients, we're using just a pinch of bone meal and magnesium to make sure all mineral needs are met.

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Does dog food really matter?

It's true that dogs are amazingly resilient, but low-quality food can cause serious health problems (especially over time). Focusing on the essential nutrients your pet needs without unnecessary filler can lead to maximum benefits at a balanced cost.

Digestive Health

Energy Levels

Nutrient Absorption

Immune System

Balanced Weight

Healthy Coat

Teeth & Breath

Reduced Allergies

Gas Control

Overall Health

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  • Whole, natural ingredients like fish, chicken, and a rainbow of fruits and veggies
  • Unique, sustainable proteins
  • Formulated with dog nutrition experts for complete, balanced nutrition

Kibbies are protein-rich with the appropriate healthy carbohydrates to exceed AAFCO standards for all breeds and all stages of life - puppy, adult, and senior.

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We exist to provide a quality and affordable alternative to the confusing world of really cheap or really expensive dog food.



Discover the new, natural, and balanced option for your pup. We're took the high quality, natural ingredients that you would find in fresh food, prepared them in the convenient format of dry dog food, and focused on sustainability throughout.

  • Healthy ingredient variety
  • Nutrient dense
  • Real protein sources
  • Sustainability focus
  • No animal byproduct
  • Convenient delivery
  • Preservative free
  • Corn and filler free
  • Skin and coat support
  • No synthetics
  • Digestive support

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