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7-Day Dog Training Challenge

Whether your dog is a brand-new member of your family or you've had your dog for some time now, let's make sure you have the foundations for a long and mutually happy relationship. This free couse was developed in partnership between Kibbies, Pet Loyalty, and a team of dog behavior experts.


What's in this free course?

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Day 1: Setting Up Your Home

Let's learn about the physical environment at home that will help your dog thrive.

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Day 2: Name Recognition Training

Learning to recognize and respond to their name sets a solid training foundation.

Unlocks on Day 2

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Day 3: Sit & Lie Down Training

The fun begins with learning the classics: sit and lie down!

Unlocks on Day 3

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Day 4: Wait / "Leave It" Training

After lying down, we'll learn to "wait" or "leave it" to work on the job of patience.

Unlocks on Day 4

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Day 5: Stay & Come Training

We'll come back to lying down and stay in that position before the holy grail: "Come!"

Unlocks on Day 5

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Day 6: Leash & Walk Training

Loose leash walking and healing are super important, even in rural environments.

Unlocks on Day 6

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Day 7: Nutrition Basics

Lastly - a primer on nutrition necessities to set your pup up for a lifetime of good health.

Unlocks on Day 7

More from Adopter Perks

The North American Veterinary Community lists a dog's Environment, Nutrition, and Genetics as the most important factors for a long, healthy, and happy life. Enjoy additional offers from the following partners to support your dog in all areas!

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Want More Training Resources?

Check out the Kibbies Learning Center for Tools, Articles, and FAQs related to creating a healthy dog and owner relationship!



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