Day 5 of 7

Stay (with Recall)

Having cultivated a level of impulse control, it's time to further build on obedience and safety by combining the “Stay” command with Recall (“Come”) on Day 5. 

Objective #5

Your dog will "stay" and then "come" upon command

  Tasks to Complete  

[ ] Basic "stay" training 
[ ] Mastering the recall command
[ ] Revisiting "leave it" with "stay"
[ ] Maintain positivity and patience

  Step 1: Teaching "Stay"  

Let's learn to stay...

  • 1. Begin in a Calm Environment: Start in a quiet, distraction-free zone to keep your dog's focus sharp.
  • 2. Sit Position: Have your dog in a sitting position with you standing near them.
  • 3. Command and Gesture: Show an open-palm hand signal to your dog while saying “Stay”, clearly and firmly, followed by their name.
  • 4. Maintain Eye Contact: Look into your dog’s eyes to keep their attention, leaving them in the sit position for about 30 seconds.
  • 5. "Release" Command: Use a cheerful “Okay!” or "Free!" to indicate that they can move and reward with praise
  • 6. Increase Duration & Distance: Gradually extend the stay duration and step away from your dog as they become more proficient​​.
  • 7. Repeat from Lie Down: Repeat regularly from the lying down position as well as sitting.
  • 8. Try Adding "Leave It" or "Wait": Next, with your dog laying down, give the "Stay" command. Place a treat in front of them, within their reach, and also give a clear "Wait" or "Leave It" command. See if you can get them to wait until they are given the Release command to eat the treat. I they do, reward them with another treat and praise.

  Step 2: Mastering Recall / "Come"  

Bring it back to Recall...

  • 1. Leash Training: Attach a non-retractable leash at least six feet long to your dog while they are in the sit position.
  • 2. "Stay" Command: With your dog sitting (or lying down), give the "Stay" command that we just learned and wait at least 20 seconds.
  • 3. Command and Pull: Gently pull the leash towards you while saying “Come” enthusiastically, one time clearly and firmly, along with their name.
  • 4. Reward: When your dog comes to you and sits in front, shower them with praise and offer a treat as a reward.
  • 5. Repeat Off-Leash: Repeat the exercise with no leash attached to your dog, only giving one enthusiastic but firm "Come!" command after at least 20 seconds of Staying. Then, you can repeat the "Come!" command in situations in whcih they are not in the Stay position. For example, if they are distracted on the other side of the room, try saying their name one time to get eye contact followed by one single enthusiastic and clear "Come!". If they come immediately, reward with a treat and praise.

  Recap & What's Next 

Worth repeating: Consistency and Patience are key!

  • Consistency in commands and patience in practice are your allies on your training adventure. We encourage you to embrace gradual progress and small, consistent doses of daily training. It is worth all the effort to establish a mutually responsive and caring relationship between you and your dog for the duration of your life together!

Up next: Leash walking

  • Let's keep going with a new training tool to help you enjoy time together adventuring beyond the confines of your home!

Want More Training Resources?

Check out the Kibbies Learning Center for Tools, Articles, and FAQs related to creating a healthy dog and owner relationship!



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